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Cultural and linguistic diversity brings great benefits to boards and committees. However, a large pool of talent within our multicultural community is largely untapped. The Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI) ‘Diversifying boards — Your cultural advantage’ governance training program has been developed to address this gap.

This Stepping Up to the Challenge mentoring program is an important adjunct to the governance training program. It is designed to support those who seek to realise their full potential and, importantly, to step up to an active board position, whether it be in the public, corporate or not-for-profit sector.

In supporting participants (mentees), the program relies on the assistance of mentors to share their broader leadership and governance experience and wisdom.

It aims to foster mentees so that they can fully realise the benefits of being mentored by successful leaders and entrepreneurs from the wider community.

Through this program OMI aims to create an enabling and richly diverse environment where individuals are stimulated and encouraged to excel in their chosen pathways.

By harnessing the talents of the participants, the program offers many benefits to individuals and organisations and has the potential to contribute to the State’s competitiveness and strength locally, nationally and globally.

Kim Ellwood
Executive Director
Office of Multicultural Interests

About this guide

This guide aims to provide user-friendly information to equip OMI mentors with practical mentoring guidance and strategies to enable their mentees to realise their full potential and, importantly, step up to an active board position.

This document complements and should be used in conjunction with the essential resources below, which support the OMI mentoring program Stepping Up to the Challenge, and are included in your program pack.

Page reviewed 20 August 2020