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The cleanup team!

WA’s Indonesian community helps clean up

16 March 2017

The Indonesian community participated for the third time in Clean Up Australia Day.

Participation in the event was organised by six Indonesian community associations: KIPAS, ITB Alumni Association, IUC, PKSS, Cahaya Hati, and Bonapasogit.

Last year similar groups from the Indonesian community did the clean up at a site organised by Canning River Regional Park Volunteers. The Indonesian Consul General attended and the whole event got very positive feedback from park volunteers.

This year the clean-up was done at the same site with a larger group of participants. Canning River was chosen as a continuation of the group’s work last year and because it was the right sized area for a large group.

"It was easily the most successful event for us so far in terms of numbers of participants—79 people took part and we collected 70 bags of rubbish,” one of the organisers said.

The Indonesian community is hoping to have more regular joint activities with the groups in this area and involve more people.

Participants were keen to work on more environment-based activities:

"Joint activities enable us to have a dialogue, and even exchange food!”

"We want to create more activities between communities, for example gardening for kids.”

“The main message for us is we all are part of local community and we do care about the local environment.”

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