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Takako and Velaphi reflect on 40 years of love

Food, Faith and Love in WA

Western Australia’s multicultural community is home to stories as diverse as the individuals themselves. As part of Harmony Week 2017 celebrations, we explore some of these stories through Food, Faith and Love in WA—a series of personal narratives from across WA’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Video narratives explore the themes of food, faith and love—how they can touch us and shape the direction of our lives.

Take the time during Harmony Week to laugh, learn and be inspired by these powerful true stories from WA’s amazing diverse communities.


  • Fauzia

    A warm and generous cook, Fauzia talks about her love of food and feeding family and friends, and teaches us how to bake a special bread from her beloved homeland of Afghanistan.

  • Ita

    Ita talks about her vegetarian restaurant and food sanctuary in the Perth hills, and how her mixed middle-eastern heritage and centuries of tradition met and merged with her new life in WA.


  • Sarina

    As an eight-year-old, Sarina resisted dressing up in the special Indian dress her mother bought her for Multicultural Day at school. Thirty years later, she reflects on why she resisted that long-ago attempt to box her in.

  • Rafief

    A young woman who came to Australia as a refugee at the age of eight decides to become a doctor, a lawyer and a politician.

  • Samina

    A young migrant woman falls in love with falling in love, until she finds a man who makes her stop. Samina tells of her great Dutch love and his conversion to Islam.


  • Osric

    A Jamaican man spends 20 years and travels 15,000 kms to find love and build a family in Perth.

  • Takako and Velaphi

    Reflect on 40 years of love and marriage, and building bridges between the cultures of Japan, Zimbabwe and Australia.

  • Lesley

    With her fifth child is born profoundly deaf, Lesley becomes an unexpected and powerful advocate for diverse communities as her son charts a remarkable journey through the WA school system.

  • Sandy

    Raised in Australia to Macedonian parents and married to a German man, Sandy talks about the parallels in their lives and the power of a mother’s love.

  • Phuong

    Fleeing Vietnam aged 21 with a 10-day-old baby in her arms, Phuong saw her escape as the only way to give her firstborn son a chance at a good life.

Food, Faith and Love in WA