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A message from the Executive Director

Our vision is for a more inclusive and cohesive society which recognises that cultural and linguistic diversity enhances the social, economic, cultural and civic development of Western Australia and the wellbeing of all community members.

Our new Strategic Plan has been developed with significant input from community stakeholders. The plan will guide our work over the next five years to ensure that multiculturalism in Western Australia flourishes. I am delighted to take up this role to further progress the positive work of the Office of Multicultural Interests.

With more than 15 years’ experience working in cross-cultural roles focused on capacity building in trade, investment, education and tourism in both public and private sectors in Australia and overseas, I am keen to strengthen existing connections and develop new, meaningful linkages here in WA. Working and living for extended periods in Indonesia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Canada, has strengthened my understanding of the importance of community and the vital role government can play in supporting those who make Western Australia their home.

Migration and diversity give Western Australia a competitive edge in our globalised world. With almost one-third of our population born overseas and more than half of our community having one or both parents born overseas, there is much we can gain from embracing the diversity of our community.

Our office continues to develop and implement innovative programs and services that support Western Australia’s diverse communities and enable considered policy development across government.

I look forward to strengthening community relationships through greater engagement, and building awareness of the rich tapestry of life in Western Australia. Let us celebrate together the significant contribution our many cultural communities make to our State’s development.

Rebecca Ball
Executive Director, Office of Multicultural Interests